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If you are overwhelmed by your bills and debt, you will most certainly need debt assistance. Debt assistance will come in the form of counseling, review of expenditure as well as assistance with loan repayment. Before you consider debt assistance, you should do all you can to get out of debt on your own.

Reduce Your Expenses

It is a no-brainer but do take a good hard look at your monthly expenses and see what the real necessities are and what should be considered luxuries. Do you need such an expensive mobile phone plan for example? Do you need a mobile phone in the first place? Think hard because you cannot go on as if you can afford everything.

Supplement Your Income

One way to reduce your debt without resorting to debt assistance is to get more income with a second job. If you can get a second job, devote your earnings from that job towards your loan repayment. Repay the highest interest debt first and progressively clear off with interest incurring debt.

If you do not have the time or energy to take on a second job, consider working on-line or from your home. On the Internet, there are many freelance jobs in the areas of web design and copy writing.

Sell Your Valuables

Sell you valuable belonging which you do not really need. Not just the jewelries, Look around your household for items that you can sell. Perhaps you have some childhood collection of stamps or CD that you can sell on eBay or in a garage sale. You may be surprised at how much you can raise by this mean. However, do not treat this money as a windfall; use it to pay off your loans. It is after all, a form of debt assistance to reduce the crushing stress on your life.

Credit Counseling

If you have tried all means and cannot get yourself out of debt, then credit counseling is the first step in debt assistance to get your life back on track. A private session with an experienced credit counselor will provide you with more resources to manage your finances. You will learn things like how to create a budget and how to adhere to it. Your credit counselor will work out a debt management plan with you. This plan will includes all your creditors and cover all of your debt. The debt management plan will strive to pay off your loan as soon as possible but it will also leave you with enough money so you are not deprived of basic necessities. In this way, it will be easier for you able to stick to the plan over the months or years that it takes to completely pay off debt.

Be patient, debt assistance will need time to work. It normally takes a person up to six years to clear his or her debts. Stick to the debt management plan and do not incur new debt while you are undergoing debt assistance, otherwise you are just prolonging the process.

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